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Tubular Lanyards

When you need a great-looking lanyard at a low cost, tubular lanyards are the perfect choice. Make no mistake, these lanyards still meet our high quality standards. You can buy from us knowing you’ll receive a great product at an affordable price. We make our tubular lanyards using high-quality polyester material in your choice of color. We diamond-knit the polyester, forming it into a tube. The tubular lanyard style allows the same amount of room as our other lanyards, while using less material. Once the lanyard is formed, we use the latest screen-printing technology to print your design onto the lanyards. Screen-printing allows us to reproduce nearly any type of text or logo, so be creative with your design! The soft material and edges of these lanyards make them comfortable to wear for hours on end, making this style popular with schools or businesses that require students and employees to wear the lanyards at all times. For an affordable, comfortable and stylish alternative to our other lanyard styles, choose tubular lanyards!

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Quantity 100 250 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10,000+
Pricing is per lanyard. Free USA Shipping, No Mold Fees, and Free Color Matching
3/8" Width $1.45 $1.24 $0.89 $0.72 $0.70 $0.66 $0.54 CALL
1/2" Width $1.46 $1.25 $0.90 $0.73 $0.70 $0.69 $0.57 CALL
5/8" Width $1.48 $1.26 $0.92 $0.74 $0.72 $0.70 $0.58 CALL
3/4" Width $1.88 $1.70 $1.14 $1.07 $1.03 $0.98 $0.93 CALL