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Nylon Lanyards

Our nylon lanyards feature a silky finish and a bright shine that are sure to make the wearer stand out. One of our finest lanyard styles, nylon lanyards are the way to go when you want your design to have a sleek, colorful finish. We use a durable, high-quality nylon fabric in your choice of color. This nylon material has a shiny finish and has the highest tensile-strength of any of our lanyard styles. We use the latest in screen-printing technology to print your design directly onto the surface of the lanyards. This process allows us to include detailed text or logos, so feel free to include your company name, mascot, or logo. The soft feel and bright, colorful finish of nylon lanyards ensures that wearers will feel comfortable wearing the lanyards for hours on end. For the sleekest look and most durable construction, choose nylon lanyards!

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Quantity 100 250 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10,000+
Pricing is per lanyard. Free USA Shipping, No Mold Fees, and Free Color Matching
1/2" Width N/A N/A $1.20 $0.87 $0.81 $0.79 $0.67 CALL
5/8" Width $3.20 $2.33 $1.22 $0.88 $0.83 $0.80 $0.68 CALL
3/4" Width $3.23 $2.34 $1.24 $0.90 $0.84 $0.83 $0.69 CALL
1" Width $3.27 $2.35 $1.28 $1.01 $0.93 $0.89 $0.75 CALL